Maine Coon Cats

Sanibel Island



Kittens are offered for sale at $2,200+ when 12 weeks of age.  Sales tax will be applied upon pick up for residents of the state of Florida. Older kittens and retired show/breeder cats may be offered at a discount when available.  Please inquire.  To make a reservation, a $400 non-refundable deposit is required.  We do not keep a waiting list without a reservation.

All kittens are sold with a contract that requires indoors only, spay/neuter agreement and no declawing. All kitten vaccines are included in the purchase price, a flea & worm treatment, leukemia/aids test and a well vet check up.  Kittens are also sold to the buyer with complimentary health insurance so your baby will be covered from the moment you pick him or her up and for the first month of ownership.  Continuing with insurance after that is at the buyer's discretion.  All breeding animals are dna tested N/N for SMA, Pkdef and HCM genes.  Breeding animals are also echocardiogramed every 2 years for optimal heart health and history.

We do not ship our cats or kittens unaccompanied through cargo. However, they are availab‚Äčle for pick up or via hand delivery by a pet courrier in the cabin of a plane. Flight prices may vary depending on your location.


Call or text  239-699-8741